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2A Medic LLC Repairs

We are a growing gunsmithing shop. Bring us your troubled firearm for repair, restoration or customization. We can perform gunsmithing work including various cleaning packages, parts fabrication and replacement, damage repair and more. We also offer custom firearm building to dealers, and more is coming soon.

Shop Rates

Labor (Man Hours)


Minimum Labor Charge


Labor (Machine Hours)


Minimum Machine Charge


There is an additional 3% fee to all invoices for consumables too small to invoice (chemicals, cleaners, oils, etc.)

When your firearm fails at any of its functions (feed, fire, extract, eject), there is most likely a collection of problems happening with the internal parts that allow it to function as it is supposed to. That significantly decreases the reliability, accuracy, and safety of your firearm, and should be addressed immediately.


2A Medic LLC can take care of those problems for you. 2A Medic LLC can repair, fabricate, or replace damaged parts, fix malfunctions, and add custom and aftermarket parts as requested or required.

Gunsmithing charges are estimated after you bring the gun in and we get it on our bench. Charges are by the hour of bench and/or machine work. The actual charge may vary but we openly communicate all charges prior to continuing work.

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