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2A Medic LLC Maintenance

Over time, firearms can be damaged, inaccurate, and unreliable by carbon, dirt, and debris buildup, corrosion and rust, and even just regular friction as parts rub together. Regular maintenance can help maintain critical tolerances of all the moving parts inside your firearm, prevent it from jamming, and keep it functioning for years to come. Regular maintenance helps remove any corrosion, gunk, or buildup from use or storage and ensures your firearm can operate at its top performance. If you have a firearm for home, hunting, personal security, or work, it’s essential that it has regular maintenance to make sure it’ll do its job well when it matters most.

2A Medic LLC



By far, our most popular service, the Quick Clean.

If you keep your firearms relatively clean already, this is a great option after your time on the range. Just a simple field strip, clean, lubricate, and function check.


That's it. It's simple enough anyone could do it themselves. But if you didn't want to, we are available and happy to do it for you at an affordable price.



If you do not maintain your firearms often, or they are dirtier than average, we highly recommend this service.

We completely disassemble your firearm, remove any loose debris, and run everything through our ultrasonic cleaner. Yes, it is big enough to put your rifle parts in there.

We then hand clean everything for perfection, lubricate, assemble and function check your firearm. While your firearm is disassembled, we go through all of the parts to inspect them for damage and wear. If we notice anything we will let you know before going forward.



Conservation is maintenance for your firearm that is on another level. 

Conservation is where we stop the decay (rust, rot, etc.) on your firearm from many years of lack of maintenance. This is often found in older firearms as they sit and rust and decay, and the wood (if any) often becomes severely oil soaked and/or dry rotted.

Conservation puts a firearm back into a usable condition so that it may be enjoyed for many more years. It is not an easy or quick task to complete but the results are amazing.

$30 per short gun
$50 per long gun

Includes 1 magazine (if applicable)
$10 per additional magazine
$50 per short gun
$90 per long gun

Includes 1 magazine (if applicable)
$10 per additional magazine
Starting at $350 per short gun

Starting at $750 per long gun
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