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Welcome to our Holster Lab

We are excited to begin this adventure by offering a limited time pre-order. Place your order with us within the time listed and we will discount your order 10% on your final invoice.

How Does This Work?

It is pretty simple actually. Select the holster type you want below, and then select the options you want and complete your order. There is no payment upfront so just complete your order. Our payment processor is not compatible with the webstore we are using so we will invoice you from our processor, allowing you up to 30 days to make your payment.




Your pre-order allows us to gauge interest in our products and processes, and allows us to collect the funds needed to finish purchasing the additional equipment, materials, and supplies required to begin production. Additional information is in our Holster Pre-Order Terms and Conditions. Placing a pre-order with 2A Medic LLC constitutes Acknowledgement and Understanding of our Terms and Conditions, which can be read below.

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