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Important Policies

Below are our very important policies that have been put in place as safeguards for ourselves and our patrons. We strongly encourage you to read them completely, and reach out to us if you have any questions about them, as entering 2A Medic LLC is an implied acceptance of these policies.

Firearms Policy

Please observe and follow Illinois Firearm Transportation Laws when transporting any firearms to our location.

You do not need our permission to bring your firearm into our location, but there are safety precautions to take.

We only require that you have the firearm CASED and UNLOADED, as staff are ARMED and entering our shop with an uncased firearm could be viewed as an aggressive act and staff will respond accordingly.

If you do not have a case for your firearm, just leave it in your vehicle, enter the shop, explain that you have an uncased firearm that needs to come in for work and our staff will assist you. 

If you have a firearm that has a "LIVE ROUND" stuck in the chamber then leave the firearm in your vehicle, come into the shop and let us know. Additionally, if you are at the Tac Shack firing range and you are having issues, notify us or Tac Shack staff and we will assist you in retrieving your loaded firearm so that no accidents occur.

NOTE: If you are a Law Enforcement Officer or Illinois Conceal Carry permit holder you may carry your firearm into our establishment. Unless you are a UNIFORMED Law Enforcement Officer, you will need to keep your firearm CONCEALED and SECURED. We encourage all who carry concealed to use a quality made belt and holster designed specifically for the firearm being carried. DO NOT expose, unholster, or handle the firearm for any reason without our EXPRESSED permission.

If you have any questions, it is always best to contact us first before bringing your firearm in.

Gunsmithing Policy

By servicing your firearm with 2A Medic LLC, you are agreeing to the policies below:

Compliance with Federal and Local Laws​

The work performed at 2A Medic LLC is done in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws for Peoria, IL. However, some of our business may come from out of state and it is not possible for us to be familiar with the laws of all jurisdictions. It is the responsibility of the customer to contact the appropriate state and local law enforcement agencies to confirm that the modifications and/or accessories being purchased are legal to possess at their location.


We are required by law to refuse work from anyone suspected of being unable to legally possess them, or that we reasonably believe will use or transfer them illegally.


All records are collected and maintained in compliance with ATF regulations. These regulations require the collection of information about the customer and the firearm being serviced. 2A Medic LLC will not disclose your personal information, including E-mail address or phone number for any purpose other than law enforcement.


We stand behind all of our work and will make every reasonable effort to ensure customer satisfaction. 2A Medic LLC purchases new parts for all repairs and modifications from trusted and reputable suppliers and manufacturers. If one of these parts fails due to defect in manufacture, it will be the owner’s responsibility to resolve the issue with the manufacturer. However, 2A Medic LLC will make every reasonable effort to assist in equitable resolution. Used parts will only be employed if agreed in advance, and they will only be obtained from reputable suppliers. Parts supplied by the customer must be of high quality, appropriate for the application, and are not warranted by 2A Medic LLC. Please be aware that modification of any firearm to specifications other than those of original manufacture will generally void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Shipping Firearms

Please do not ship any firearms, parts, or accessories without first confirming that 2A Medic LLC is willing and able to perform the desired service at an agreed estimated cost.


Active and Veteran military, law enforcement, and other First Responder personnel providing proof of service will be granted a 10% discount for the labor performed in fulfilling their order. Unfortunately, this discount cannot be applied to the cost of parts and shipping, which are fixed.

Delinquent Accounts

Upon completion of contracted work, 2A Medic LLC will promptly notify customers their firearm is available for pick up or shipping upon settlement of the account. If the account is not settled within 15 days, the customer will be re-notified as a courtesy. Items not claimed within 30 days will thereafter accrue a storage fee of $20 per week to cover the cost of secure storage and insurance. If the account is not settled after 45 days of storage, the firearm will be forfeited and sold to satisfy the outstanding debt.


Estimates for repair are available after a diagnosis has been completed. Diagnostics are charged at the regular labor rate and are calculated into the estimate. 2A Medic LLC cannot provide estimates on cost and turnover without first diagnosing “on the bench” to examine thoroughly.  Photographs and verbal or written descriptions are not adequate. To accurately diagnose and estimate we need to have the work on our bench.

Additional Charges


All invoices will incur a 3% consumables fee to help cover the costs of consumable materials too low to itemize (i.e. cleaning pads, chemicals, oils, etc.).

Effective October 5, 2023, a convenience fee of 3% will be applied when using credit/debit card for payment. For your convenience, customers may avoid this fee by paying with cash.


2A Medic LLC reserves the right to refuse service for any reason, at any time, at any point in the completion process.  If labor is ceased, the customer will be billed for any labor and/or parts costs incurred by 2A Medic LLC.  The firearm will be returned as is with no guarantee upon receipt of payment. Additionally, 2A Medic LLC has the right to make an unrepairable and unsafe firearm permanently inoperable.

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