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When you bring us your firearm for our services, it is critical that you provide us accurate contact information to enter into our system.

With accurate contact information, our system automatically notifies you via email the progress your firearm is at while in our possession (i.e., Work in Progress, At the Range, Ready For Pickup, etc.)

If for some reason you have not been notified of any progress of your firearm, we have provided a way to request an update.

Please fill out the information requested in the form here and submit. Please allow up to 48 hrs for us to reply with an update on the status of your service.

Please allow ample time after your firearm has been processed into our system before requesting a status update. Most all services get worked in on a first-come basis. Additionally, please be sure to check your spam and junk folders for our updates.

Any requests for updates through our main Contact page, chat, or social media, will be deleted. Additionally, any other contact through this form will be rejected as well. Please use our form on the Contact page for general contact.


We all must remain diligent with this process as we get several emails and messages daily, and we don't want your important request to get mixed in with our other business emails that seem to never end, and get delayed any further.

Thanks for submitting!

Service Update
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